The Difference Between Voles and Mice

Over the years, we have been shown that rodents such as mice or voles are all just fun and games. Take ratatouille for example, or the Mickey Mouse we all know and love. But the reality is, they can be a very exhausting situation. We see mice all over the world in places like restaurants, and especially in people’s homes due to the extreme attraction mice have to food. But on the other hand, we have voles. These are often mistaken as mice, the only difference being the slight difference in size, voles being only a few grams bigger, along with a few other minor physical features.

The main difference between mice and voles is where they lurk. Mice stay around homes or any other place where they may sense food. While voles tend to stay outdoors, closer to ground where there are plants, mulch, long grass, etc. They can still be found in homes, but are most commonly found in backyards or gardens where they will feed off of plants. Voles are known to make runways underground by burrowing, making them harder to notice, or see in plain sight. Some signs that you may have voles are burrows or holes in the lawn or at bases of trees, you will also notice shorter grass where their runways are located. If you have plants that a vole has eaten, there will be a pointed tip at the stem. While voles are able to make burrows, mice can fit through extremely tiny spaces, which makes it easier for them to hide. Some signs that you may have mice are gnaw marks, urine odours, droppings, gnawed holes, or even abnormal behaviors in your pet.

While voles and mice may not cause direct harm, they spread many diseases and viruses through their feces and urine. Especially deer mice which are an even more serious situation, causing serious diseases such as Lyme disease, or hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. If you see signs of mice or voles on your property, contact a pest control expert immediately.