Ant Removal Airdrie

If you encounter a problem with ants at your home or business, the pest control guy invites you to experience The Pest Control Guy difference. Our difference is largely impacted by the knowledge we provide to our valued customers. We believe that not only should you be provided the service we offer regarding ant control, but further knowledge concerning the cause of the infestation, and how to prevent it from recurring. When you choose to go with The Pest Control Guy, you will never be left uninformed of any problems that we deal with on your property.


While ants are insects that we barely notice on the daily, they can be around us more than we think. We often see ants lurking, and becoming a problem as the climate gets warmer. Like many pests, they invade your property foraging for food and water. Ants will travel in colonies, which makes them frustrating as an infestation, as colonies can range from hundreds to thousands of ants, multiplying quickly. This is why ants within a home will most commonly be found on countertops, near the table, fridge, and anywhere they can find crumbs.  Pavement ants will generally be attracted to a home to settle which has more moisture. When finding a place to settle outdoors, they will typically find places to nest under sidewalks, pavement, and driveways. It is fairly easy to track down ants, but finding the nest can be rather difficult, as they are commonly found buried in places underground, and can be seen throughout the grass.

These pests may not be the most dangerous in the world, but they are a definite nuisance, and they certainly are not uncommon. As far as physical harm, unlike other species of ants, pavements ants do not bite, but they have stingers that they will only use in the case that they absolutely need to. They are known to cause slight structural damage to concrete or pavement given the fact that they are known to settle their nests there.

Having an ant infestation is quite frustrating. It’s a problem that no one should experience. If you should encounter a problem with an ant infestation, contact a professional to resolve it for you before it gets out of control.

Do pavement ants spread diseases?

Pavement ants like various pests, have the potential to spread disease, specifically through the contamination of food. Meaning if you see an ant crawling on  food, this should be taken seriously, and the food should be disposed of immediately.


What are signs of an ant infestation?

There are various signs that you may be able to notice if you are experiencing an ant infestation. This could include more obvious signs like the ant nest itself, which will look much like a pile of soil or dirt. Another good way to signify an ant infestation is the ants following the pheromone trails they leave leading to the food source. If you notice ants continuously spending time around your home, coming in and out of the kitchen, there is a high chance that you could have an infestation.


Do ants hibernate?

Ants will hibernate in the winter in order to survive. They find places where they can stay warm over the winter like under rocks, soil, or under tree bark. Once the winter is over, ants begin to reappear in the spring through fall until they need to hibernate through the cold once again.


How do you get rid of ants?

Before an ant infestation can become your problem, refrain from leaving food out in the open. Sweets will be even more likely to attract ants, as they favour sugar when scavenging for food. If the infestation is already developing, make sure to keep your house sanitized, keeping crumbs swept up, and food kept away as much as possible. If the problem continues, seek professional help from an exterminator.