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My name is Antoine. I am the owner and founder of The Pest Control Guy Inc. I want to personally welcome you to our site and assure you that you are already one step closer to resolving your pest issue. Our home is in Airdrie and we are passionate about serving our neighbors with the absolute best in Pest Control in Calgary and Airdrie. The Pest Control Guy Inc has effective solutions for every species of rodent, insect, bird and more. Benjamin Franklin said “An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure”. The biggest problem in Pest Control is prevention. Many exterminators will by design, offer a service solution without addressing the major issue of prevention. Without knowing what may be fuelling the infestation, there is no way to be sure it will not happen again and again.

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The Pest Control Guy's Commercial Services takes care of your pest concerns so you can focus on your business.


The Pest Control Guy's Commercial Services takes care of your pest concerns so you can focus on your business.

Protection Plans

Our monthly Pest Control Plans offer proactive protection for your home or business.

The Pest Control Guy Difference

The Pest Control Guy difference is understanding and education. Whether your problem is Mice and Voles, Skunks, Wasps or Bed Bugs, they all have one thing in common. If prevention isn’t part of your solution, then the solution will only be temporary. Some of the clues our trained technicians will look for are food and water sources, plant coverage, and access points. In some cases your insect or critter may be coming from a neighbors house or place of business. Eliminating access or mitigating interest becomes crucial in this case.

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Proper Pest Management services in Airdrie require a global perspective on each individual case. Treating symptoms will rarely eliminate the source of your frustration.

There are many different types of pest control products. Live Traps, kill traps and natural and chemical pesticides to name a few. Talk to our pest management expert today to discuss a solution that is right for you and your family. The Pest Control Guy Team has products and techniques that are both child and pet safe.

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Reviews are an important to our company. They let us know how we’re doing and provide insight to others who may be thinking of using our service.

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Pest Control - Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas. We believe that education protects our client from recurring issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our approach is to be concerned about the safety of every living thing. Safe Strategicly placed area. And designed so that your pet and children cannot gain access to the bait. The mouse droppings pose a greater threat to the health of your pets and family.

A few important considerations are where the mice are coming from, eliminating entry points and food sources. A professional monitored bait station will always be more affective than traditional mouse traps. Remember that 1 pregnant female will produce 8 to 12 offspring every 19 to 21 days. Dealing with the problem quickly is crucial.

The travel circuit for skunks is interesting. They will follow the same trail over and over. Live trapping is the most effective way to get rid of a skunk. Effective relocation must be at least 25 kms away. Call our team to discuss.

In a word…relationship. Bed bugs can be transferred from furniture to people, people to people vehicles to people or obviously bed to people. Bed Bugs are not attracted to filth or mess. They are attracted to their one food source. Humans. Because treatments are not effective on the eggs, our team will always do a second treatment to eliminate new offspring before they reach breeding age. It is also important to have a professional investigate as to whether the species is truly a bed bug or in some cases, a bat bug. When you find a bug in your bedroom, do not kill it. Trap it in a jar or Ziplock and call a professional for identification.