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One of our goals at The Pest Control Guy is to help you to feel safe and at peace in your Crossfield home. It is important to us that your every need is met, and that we leave you feeling satisfied with our work. Our main objective is not just to solve your pest problem, but to provide you with further education on your situation, on how you can avoid having another irksome encounter with pests. Because fixing the problem is only part of our job, preventing the next one is what completes it. When you come to us with a pest issue, we will take care of it as soon as possible, and immediately look for the source of the problem. This is crucial to the solution process, as  pests will often continue to come back even if they are removed. So we will always be sure to cut off the source, but also inform you of where or what it is, and how to prevent the pests from returning and invading your property once again.

Many pests make it very easy to identify their presence, the signs being more obvious like damaging property, leaving droppings, making noises or giving off an odour. But some pests will invade your property without leaving any evident signs of being there. And they may be doing all of the same things that the more noticeable pests are, only in more isolated areas of your home or property.

Are you buying a home in Crossfield? The Pest Control Guy offers pest control home inspection looking for any pest damage, or pests currently living on the property or in the home. It is important that this is done before buying any property, as there could be very expensive damage, or a pest that poses a threat to your safety. Our company uses many effective, modern day pest trapping and removal methods for your pest problems. We have lots of experience with a wide variety of pests from insects like bed bugs, ants and cockroaches, to rodents like mice and voles. Contact us today to talk about your residential or commercial pest management. 

Customers reviews

Antoine is amazing at his work. He is professional, knowledgeable and very thorough. His friendly, kind demeanour build trust right away. His expertise knocks it out of the park. I highly recommend his services.
Carolyn Breland
Antoine is very knowledgeable, friendly & very thorough. He listened and went above and beyond to answer all my questions. He is helping us to rid mice. Thanks again! I would definitely recommend his services.
Tracy Chauvin
Excellent service. Showed up on time, made sure I knew what was happening completed the job as quoted. Professional and friendly. I would recommend Antoine for any of your pest needs.
Jamie Yakiwchuk
Local Guide

Whether subtle or obvious, if you notice any indications of a pest at your home, it is important that the situation is looked into. If left uncared for, a pest problem will worsen to varying degrees. And with some, it can be very detrimental to the safety of anyone around the problem, and the space it occurs in. Pest infestations will cause contamination to the environment and make it very unsafe to be around. Many people will see a pest control issue in their home and ignore it until it gets much worse and their health and property is at a much higher risk than before. The Pest Control Guy aims to prevent future occurrences. Our team will provide you with the information you need so that you won’t have to face another pest issue.

mouse removal for crossfield

What is the difference between pavement ants and carpenter ants?
Pavement ants nest in concrete or pavement, and have stingers that they only use if they have to, and this sting is hardly strong enough to cause much pain. Carpenter ants nest in wood, specifically that is moist or damp, and will bite if threatened, which can be worsened with a formic acid that they produce.

Are cockroaches dangerous?
While they aren’t aggressive and a bite from a cockroach is unlikely to cause pain, they are very dangerous due to the diseases and viruses that they carry.

How can I tell if I have bed bugs?
Bed bugs can be somewhat difficult to detect if you aren’t searching for them. They will hide in different cracks and crevices where you may notice things like feces, urine stains, or sheddings. Especially on the edges of the mattress, you may also find blood stains, or darker spots from these insects. 

The Pest Control Guy provides the best care for our valued customers. Pests can be a real hassle, and it is our job to make the situation easier for you. Our company offers the Town of Crossfield to come to us with all of your pest problems and become a part of The Pest Control Guy experience.