Skunk Removal - Airdrie

Here at the pest control guy, our team helps you with any pest control issues that you may have.  We strive to educate you to the best of our abilities, and make sure that you’ll never have to deal with pests again. We help with all sorts of pests of all kinds of species no matter what the case. Our pest services vary from anything like spiders, bed bugs, and cockroaches, to pests like rats, birds, or skunks. Skunks are one of the common pests found in Alberta in which we deal with a lot, with 2 species found in Canada among the four species of skunks in North America.

We make it our job to make sure that when dealing with different species of pests, you are ensured a safe, comfortable environment to come back to when the job is done. Because at the pest control guy, we care about you, and your home. We deal with skunk removal in the best way possible to get them off of your property. The method that we use is the live trapping method, where the skunk is trapped, and then relocated to a minimum of 25 kms away to ensure it’s riddance. If the skunk is not relocated properly, it could potentially come back to the property it was relocated from.

If a skunk is found at your property, action should be taken quickly so that it remains a safer place, for you and your peers. If action is not taken in this case, the skunk could cause destruction or damage to your property due to things such as burrowing in lawns, which could also lead to damage within your building or home, as they will often make their home under your own. Once a skunk sprays anywhere in your home or property, it can be difficult to get rid of the odor. If the odor isn’t cared for, it can take up to 2-3 weeks to go away. Another risk of skunks getting to your property, is skunk feces. It can be very dangerous, especially if inhaled, and spreads things such as rabies, and other diseases both to humans and animals.

Skunk removal is much more important than it seems, so you should seek professional help in any situation involving a skunk on your property. If attempted by anyone other than a professional, skunk removal is dangerous, and not recommended.

Skunk Removal Airdrie
Lawn Damage By Skunk

Are skunks harmful?

Skunks, if aggressive, can cause physical harm, which isn’t very common to find in this pest, as they are a very peaceful animal. Aggression could also be a sign of rabies in skunks, so in a scenario with an aggressive skunk, stay away and do not encounter it. Other than this, the only other harm that skunks cause, is harm against your health.

What attracts skunks?

The main thing to attract skunks to an area is food. They are specifically attracted to fattier meats and foods, which shouldn’t be left outdoors enough to attract skunks. Considering a skunk’s strong sense of smell, food can easily attract a skunk to your area or property.

Why do Skunks spray?

Skunks spray in the instance that they feel threatened or in danger. The spraying is a form of self defence for skunks in which they resort to when they fear there might be danger. When a skunk is about to spray, it may display certain behaviours such as a hiss, growl, or the raise of its tail.

Where do skunks live?

Skunks typically live in dens which can be found underground in various areas, including backyards, streams, crawl spaces, porches,lumber piles, etc. Skunks will usually sleep in these dens all throughout the day as they are nocturnal, and hide away during daytime.

In the end, skunks are never an easy pest to deal with, and are a major nuisance in the least. And it is important to know that skunk removal must be done properly to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and that the safety of your property is guaranteed. And with the help of the Pest control guy,we strive to ensure your safety and satisfaction at all times.