One of the most common pests we deal with at The Pest Control Guy Airdrie is Mice. While mice are small creatures, they can be extremely irritating, and can often be difficult to get rid of. Rather than using mouse traps which are so commonly used, our approach to mice uses a professional monitored bait system. Because mice reproduce so quickly, classic mouse traps may not get the job done, as you never know where that one mouse came from, or if you have a whole family of mice living on your property. So working with the Pest Control Guy Airdrie where you will receive professional services, mice will not continue to be an ongoing problem for you.

The damage that mice can actually cause to your health, property, and belongings is typically underestimated, the dangers being a lot more serious than most people recognize. Now mice themselves are not the specific source of endangerment towards you, it is their feces that can be extremely detrimental to your health. Given exposure to mice feces, you can be given one of the many diseases or viruses that they spread around.

Mice would be very unlikely to directly come into contact with you, as they are typically afraid to come too close to human activity. Due to this, mice are often found hiding away in places where they won’t be as likely to be found. The main source of attraction for mice is food, this is why they are commonly found in cluttered areas, or where main food sources are easily accessible. Aside from the effect that mice have on your health, they may also disrupt anything else within your property. Mice are generally known to chew on just about anything they can easily access, and since they can squeeze through such small spaces, the variety of things they cause damage to is quite large. Walls are a common place for mice to be found, and this may involve mice getting to your wires, insulation, or anything they can chew through in that space.

Taking the risk of having an uncared mice problem is never one you should be taking in any circumstance. With mice, the dangers are high, meaning that it is crucial for a professional to take care of the issue immediately.


-How do you tell if you have mice?

If you have a suspicion about mice on your property or in your home, there are many ways to signify that you may have them. You may notice physical significations such as droppings, knaw marks, Mouse nests, odours, and other physical significations.

-Will mice go away by themselves?

Mice will not typically leave the place they have settled in, as long as they have their desired resources like food and water, they are likely to stay for awhile. While they may come and go as they please, it is best to take immediate action rather than waiting it out until the mouse problem reaches worse conditions.

-Where do mice settle their nests?

Mice will often nest in places near a food supply, like near fridges, or other kitchen areas. As they do tend to hide away from humans, they will also nest in places like boxes, inside walls, or in general areas which may be seemingly abandoned, or unbothered.

-Do mice attack people?

While mice harm people through diseases, affecting their health, they are not prone to physically harming or attacking people. While they are very unlikely to specifically cause harm to you, it would be more likely for a mouse to attack when being handled with. This is why mouse problems are safer to be dealt with by a professional.

-How fast do mice reproduce?

With a gestation time of only 18-21 days, mice reproduce at a very fast rate, which is why they can be difficult to get rid of. Female mice can give birth up to around 10 times a year, with about 3-14 mice in just one litter. With a large amount of mice on your property, they will continue to multiply, making the environment increasingly dangerous.

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